Uganda: Health and Security Status


Medical facilities in Uganda are limited and can handle minor medical emergencies. These are also scarce farther out of the capital city, Kampala. You are advised to carry your own supply of prescription and preventive medicine.

Other than that, there have been no recent reports of any major disease outbreaks in Uganda. For more information on the health status of Uganda please visit the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention here.



There is a concerning level of crime in major cities like Kampala (and its suburbs), please travel with your car doors locked and your windows raised because there are pick-pockets and purse-snatchers. During heavy traffic you are advised to use your gadgets with precaution and as far away from an open car window as possible as these can be snatched. Violent crimes like armed robbery, sexual assault and home invasions are common, you are advised against staying out very late and avoiding shanty hotels for an accommodation choice.

There are occasional demonstrations in the city centre and these are sometimes met with excessive force from anti-riot police. During these times, please stay clear of downtown Kampala. In addition, there is need for extreme caution at the border point with the Democratic Republic of Congo because of armed militia, and the border point with South Sudan because of the influx of refugees.

There exists a significant level of financial fraud, please do not share financial information and avoid dealing with companies that do not have a registration certificate from the Uganda Registration Services Bureau. Always ask to meet with service providers at their office premises (only if they are not located far away from the city, and in isolated parts) or in public places. Ask for references or proof of previously satisfied clients before you make any payments.

In conclusion, we advise against going to extremely crowded parts of the city with valuable items like sensitive documents (passports included), expensive gadgets and jewellery. If you must go there, please travel with a guide and remain abreast with the current situation of the places you want to go to before you do. We also encourage you to travel in groups on your nights out, be friendly and cautious.

For more information on the security status in Uganda, click here for more information from the US Department of State – Consular Affairs.