5 Nights 6 Days, Quick North Lion Safari

Highlights: During this safari we will visit a Rhino Sanctuary, and Murchison Falls National Park which holds the largest number of lions in Uganda. We shall also visit East Africa’s largest mahogany forest, Budongo Forest. This forest is located in the southern territory of the park. On this trip we can expect to see lions, rhinoceroses, buffalos, elephants, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, chimpanzees and many antelopes.


Day 1: Rhino Sanctuary

Our safari will start with a visit to the rhino sanctuary to view these massive 5,000 pound creatures as they rise from their nights rest to begin the day’s foraging. We will then proceed to Murchison Falls National Park in time for lunch and an afternoon game drive.

Day 2: Falls Hike

In the morning after breakfast we will then head out for a morning game drive as the park comes to life, we will then drive down to the delta to catch the sunrise and the hippopotamuses basking in the morning sun. In the afternoon we will do a boat ride to the bottom of the falls and then hike to the top.

Day 3: Lion Tracking

Because of the vastness of this national park, it is not always easy to sight the lions (even though this is home to over 100 lions), so we will dedicate the morning and evening drives to tracking them with the hope of finding them in the cooler times of the day when they are most active.

Day 4: Budongo Chimpanzees

After breakfast we will head out to the southern part of the park to the Budongo Forest to do chimpanzee trekking. The best time to do this is in the morning while they are actively looking for food. We will then return to your accommodation for lunch and do an afternoon game drive to further parts of the park.

Day 5: Delta Cruise

We will set out to do another morning game drive in the hope of finding the elusive leopard that lurks in the ruins of a hotel that was a favourite place for one of our past presidents. After lunch we will head to the docks so you can do a boat cruise downstream to the delta.

Day 6: Drive to Kampala

After breakfast we will take a casual drive through the park and leave through the south and drive to Kampala through Masindi. The southern part of the park is mostly woodland and dotted with a few baboons along the way. We should be at your city hotel in time for diner.


Transportation: We will get around to most of these places by road, most of it is asphalt and some of it is rough. You will however be driven around in a 4WD for comfortable access in difficult places.

Travel Considerations: You will mostly need light clothing for this safari because it’s in the warmer parts of the country. However you do a need to carry a pair of well studded shoes for the hikes and treks. Carry a jacket for the morning activities because it can get chilly, and don’t forget to carry a camera to capture all your beautiful moments. If you’re super afraid of bugs, please carry insect repellent.

Seasons: The best time to do this safari is December – February and June – July, when the dry seasons in Murchison and Budongo are concurrent.