Essential Gorilla Tracking Pack List


Are you a new gorilla trekker? Or have you been trekking before? Have you planned your gorilla trip to Uganda, Rwanda or Congo? As we have continued to lead our esteemed guests to these amazing gorilla destinations, we have found a couple of items important. Remember to consider packing them.


Long Sleeved Shirts/T-shirts

These think forests have insects hence need to feel protected from the small insects that could take advantage of you while enjoying your trek. But also you’re protected from small thorny leaves or branches or vines. Stinging nettles, harmful plant species, safeguard you from the chilly morning

Trousers or Comfortable Jeans

Are recommended you will be encountering thick vines, fallen trees, especially jeans but let them be comfortable for you since you will be trekking. These are equally key in protecting you from injuries mostly from the forest insects.

Hat and Sunglasses

Hat and sunglasses

For the hat you can opt for the African all rounded hat so it covers the neck and the face from the sun and these can be got directly from Uganda craft shops and for ladies a scarf can be so handy.

Long Socks

Your guide will instruct you to tuck your pants into your socks, and tall socks are best for this task. This will protect you from ants, thorns and branches.


These will be helpful especially light rain jackets. Thought sometimes its dry, you never know when it may rain given the nature of the habitat where these unique creatures thrive, expect it to rain at any time of the day in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park or Virunga National Park.

Comfortable Hiking Boots With a Good Grip

Hiking shoes

For you to hike well you will need comfortable but water proof boots that offer you at most comfort while in the jungle. Remember the terrain can be steep slopes given the nature of habitat.

Gardening Gloves

You may land on plants with risky elements worse still you could encounter stinging insects from the forest and the only way to protect your hands from all these could be wearing gardening gloves. You can never predict the jungle.

Headband & Hair Ties for Ladies



Catching the action should it be far but other than trekking the jungle has several other residents in the primate family as well as birds and trust you would not want to miss any thrilling experience.

Camera and Batteries

Map and camera

You may need to photos for your memorable experiences and action in the Bwindi, Volcanoes. Please carry a camera that will catch those moments for you and your friends and family

Toiletries & Medicine

Insect Repellent

Mountain gorilla habitats are quite dense forests and expect any insects other than mosquitoes. Tsetse flies are common residents among other. As such, repellents such as DEED OR RID which are widely recommended. Citronella soap acts as soap and as insect repellent and it is useful since it also acts as an anti-bacterial soap to the body. Check here for more information.

Malaria Pills

For a type of medicine to have follow prescriptions by your doctor though you do not necessarily need them on the trek but given it’s a jungle expect mosquitoes. But for any other related medicines you may need on your adventure I’m sure your doctor will offer the best options

Toilet Paper & Facial tissue

Body Lotion

Other Items

Drinking Water & Energy Healthy Snacks

Some people may have dietary issues and it’s advisable to carry own healthy snacks.

Hiking Stick

Local Currency

Local currency will be useful as you may need to tip some of your guides.

Night Dresses/Pajamas