Community Outreach

As Watalii Safaris, while our safaris let you get close and personal with the wild, we hope to collaborate and connect you with an opportunity to change and transform the world one trip at a time.

As a company we collaborate with organisations that a making direct impact in lives of girls through various projects in the communities.

Uganda Cultural Immersion

Uganda isn’t merely a piece of land; it’s a world of its own!

Wedged between all the clutter and culture is the wilderness that’s sure to cast a spell on its witnesses. Uganda offers the uppermost cultural diversity making it a one stop country to experience firsthand authentic cultural wealth.

A cultural immersion experience guarantees a responsible personal interaction with the people as we carefully consider the impact of our tour activities in the selected communities.

Look forward to be received and entertained by some of the world’s most hospitable locals with their sensational traditional songs and dances with local musical instruments.

Cultural dance, Uganda
Enjoying a cultural dance show

Fascinating Cultural Experiences

Our trips will take you through the Batwa pygmies living in the mountainous forest thicket of western Uganda. These are very short people who largely cultivate crops. the Bahima of the long-horned cows; you can experience the eastern Gisu dancers and the source of the Nile, Cultural historical sites of Buganda kings and the Karamoja warriors living in the plains of northern Uganda well known as cattle wrestlers.

Cultural Village Tour

Consider visiting the Nshenyi Village for a real traditional obsession!

You can also experience village life by participating in day to day activities of some of our people in the villages.

Try milking and walking with the herds when going out to pasture, digging, preparing local cuisines, visiting a local market, or attend a cultural wedding, coffee picking among others, which will leave you with a mutual appreciation and esteem for the uniqueness.

Come and enjoy the warmth and friendliness of the Ugandan people.

Volunteer Tours

Connect for volunteering in the communities.

Through our partnership with Love Unveiled Ministries Uganda, our dear guests specifically interested in giving back to community have a wonderful opportunity to support a number of sustainable community projects like Quality education support for children, Keeping a Girl Child in School and Empowering Women in the most vulnerable communities.

Celebrating arriving at the equator