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Are you planning a trip to East Africa?

Then let us join you as you navigate the vast wilderness and witness the jaw-dropping sights before your eyes.

Who Are We?

Africa isn’t merely a piece of land; it’s a world of its own! Wedged between all the clutter and culture is the wilderness that’s sure to cast a spell on its witnesses.

Many travellers have stumbled and faltered on the way to get their Instagram-worthy vacation. As a consequence, they end up with below-average African tours that cost a fortune. Hearing all these sob stories stirred up something inside of us.

Hence, a bunch of like-minded East Africans decided to put our foot down. We had to join forces and create an experience that highlighted the beauty of East Africa. Plus, we want you to enjoy a trip that is worth every penny that you pay.

But we aren’t just another travel and tour company.

We’d like to be your friends. We want to lend our ears and listen to your thoughts and expectations for the holiday. This is so that we can serve up an appetizing itinerary that might satisfy your wanderlust.

What's in a Name?

Watalii is a Swahilli word that literally means ‘tourists’. But this rough translation doesn’t do justice to the real meaning.

For us, Watalii doesn’t simply mean tourists. Rather you are our special guests and we wish to provide you with the royal treatment. So that you may feel at ease as you embark on your memorable adventure.

Our Values






What Our Clients Say

Rachel Kavita

"We had an amazing weekend at Murchison Falls with Watalii Safaris! It was the perfect get away and we couldn't have asked for anything better. Mark and Sula really made us feel like family, which made our experience unforgettable. I would highly recommend Watalii Safaris!"




"I traveled to Uganda with family for a wedding/vacation. Watalii Safaris found us great accommodations, and was with us every step of the way. Their knowledge of the local markets in Kampala and the surrounding regions made it a worry free experience. Our guide on Safari to Murchison Falls National Park was awesome. This is a great place to visit with friendly people."



What Can We Do for You?

This tourism company is run by native East Africans who know every inch and corner of the land. We know all the spectacular sights and the best way to reach them.

We promise to be there with you every step of the way. More importantly, we ensure that you never get lost and neither do your possessions.

Our safaris let you get close and personal with the wild. But we won’t let you lose your way when you get in touch with us.

Customized trips

High quality service

Luxury treatment

Affordable packages

Stress-free vacation

Timely feedback

How Do We Plan to Keep Our Promise?

Top-Notch Service

We wish to provide top-notch services by going the extra mile when it comes to our customer’s needs.

The Best of Africa

We plan to ensure that you experience the best of Africa by organizing inexpensive research/education trips that enlighten you during your trails.

Memorable Experiences

We offer memorable experiences by offering packages that are flexible and customized to suit your preferences.

Supporting Nature & Community

We hope to collaborate with charity organizations that support nature and the community. So that you can change the world one trip at a time.

Hippo, Uganda

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